Giffgenie Giffgaff's FAQ's
Giffgenie's frequently asked questions about Giffgaff network

Giffgenie's frequently asked questions, If you require more information before purchasing one of the best Sim Card deals in the UK from Giffgaff, we have created a few to get you started. If your question is not listed here you can either contact us or go direct to Giffgaffs website.


What Phone Do I Need?
Does any phone work with Giffgaff network?

The mobile phone you will need is either a unlocked mobile phone or a O2 mobile phone has Giffgaff Sim Cards only work in either phone, some people say that a Tesco mobile phone works, but I just purchased one recently and have to get it unlocked from they were very fast at giving me the unlock code and it cost me £12.99.


Giffgaff Network Signal?
Is the Giffgaff network signal any good?

The Giffgaff network signal is provided by mobile phone giant O2, Me personally I have not had any problems with the Giffgaff network. Giffgaff rent the airwaves from O2 Network and because Giffgaff don't have to pay for maintenance of the Masts Giffgaff pass the saving on to you.


Can I keep My Number?
And what is a PAC code?

There is no problem keeping your old number once you have joined Giffgaff and received your sim through the post and topped up, you can then require a Phone number change which is very easy to do, all you have to do is ask your old network supplier for your PAC code which they usually give you within 24 hours once you have got the PAC Code go to Giffgaff Website and fill in the form to keep your old number this is very straight forward to do. It is important that you do not cancel your mobile phone contract with your current provider until the change over has been done.



How Do I Get My FREE GiffGaff Sim Card
Just follow these four simple steps below

1. Order a SIM card. Click Here and go to GiffGaff website
2. Fill out the online form. (only takes couple minutes)
3. Once the Sim card hits your doormat, activate it online. Minimum of £10 to activate your sim for first time.
4. Pop it into an unlocked handset or 02 phone. And start saving straight away!

Also if you ask your old network for your PAC code, you can keep your old number. Brilliant!.



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